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16th World Congress on Human Reproduction, 18-21 March 2015, Berlin

ICMC has organized a session during the 16th World Congress on Human Reproduction (Berlin, 18/21 March 2015).
The programme of this session was the following: www.humanrep2015.com

Session on Male Contraception under the auspices of the ICMC Saturday 21 March 2015
Chairs: Andrea GENAZZANI (Italy), David SERFATY (France)

1. Why an ICMC? What is the ICMC: D.Serfaty (France) www.gest.btcongress.it
2. Hormonal Male contraception: Any future? E. Nieschlag (Munster University,
Germany) www.gest.btcongress.it
3. Promising targets for non-hormonal male contraception: R. Sitruk-Ware
(Population Council, New York, USA) www.gest.btcongress.it

This session has been sponsored by the Population Council and the organisers of Berlin Congress, particularly Pr. Andrea GENAZZANI.

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