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About the society

An international consortium dedicated to male contraception (International Consortium for Male Contraception = ICMC) was established 13 September 2013.
The association is registered at the Prefecture de Police, Paris under the number W751245598.

It is a network dedicated to all the medical and socio-cultural aspects of male contraception: current and future, hormonal and non-hormonal, medical and surgical. It is open to all those interested.
The aim is to create an international network focusing on male contraception, which has been sidelined until now in the modern contraceptive revolution, and then to actively promote this type of contraception.
ICMC would be very happy to welcome your colleagues and friends motivated by male contraception  as members of this network.
See Press release announing the ICMC creation: PRESS RELEASE.docx

ICMC is under the auspices of

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